Rikers Island

While upgrading the electrical work at Rikers Island, Arcadia Electrical exhibited focused professionalism and its ability to work with additional security and safety conditions. Arcadia Electrical installed a brand new sophisticated Simplex Fire Alarm system in each facility at the Riker’s Island complex. Arcadia Electrical also installed numerous Digital Generator Panels (DGP) throughout each facility with thousands of devices embedded in miles of galvanized conduit. New local feed for new DGPs as well as conduit and wire for a low voltage loop were installed through the complex. Over 4,500 new fire alarm devises were wired, including S/S, strobes, manual pull stations, area smoke detectors, duct smoke detectors, fan shut down relays, damper relays, tamper and water flow modules, door release relays, fire pump modules, purge control modules, Ansul system modules and beam detectors. Older fire alarm systems were removed, and new systems were pre-tested in all areas with a fire alarm consultant, an engineer and a New York City Department of Corrections professional.

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