Installation Services

Arcadia Electrical Company is a full service electrical contractor. Our team provides electrical and power installations for various types of facilities, inside and out. Arcadia is one of New York’s most experienced electrical contractors, and our portfolio of services includes several methods of installation:

  • Exterior Installations
    Our exterior installations include lighting for security systems, alarm systems, general exteriors and more.

  • Power and Utility Installations: Generators, Underground Duct Banks, Contingency Systems
    Arcadia has extensive experience in complex power installations for generators, underground duct banks and contingency power applications. We work within buildings and in the streets to bring efficient power distribution to a building or facility. Arcadia is also experienced in utilities relocation to protect from future climate events as well as in the installation of emergency and contingency systems.

  • Life Safety Systems: Fire, Safety and Security
    At Arcadia, we have completed hundreds of life safety system installations. These include fire alarm systems, security systems, CCTV cameras and video surveillance installations. We also install special automated entrance door security systems, including sophisticated card access systems.

  • Audio Visual and Low Voltage Installations
    Arcadia performs low voltage circuit installations in offices to provide power for complex audio visual and special LED lighting systems.

  • Data Communications: Fiber Optics, Data Com
    Arcadia performs complete data communications installations, including fiber optic cabling and telecommunication systems for complex interior installations.

  • Maintenance
    Arcadia’s work continues at the completion of a project. For many of our clients, we provide scheduled and emergency maintenance services, as needed, as well as annual and bi-annual preventative maintenance services for electrical and power systems.