Project Spotlight: Bringing New Technology to PS 66Q from the Ground Up

Over the course of this summer, against tight deadlines and the summer heat, Arcadia Electrical has worked tirelessly to bring the latest and greatest in electrical technology to PS 66Q (located at 85-11 102 Street, Richmond Hill, NY) from the ground up. With an anticipated fall 2019 class of over 600 students, there has been no shortage of motivation on Arcadia Electrical’s side to get the job done swiftly and efficiently, always upholding the Arcadia gold standard of excellence.

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News Update: Arcadia Electrical Company Welcomes New DOB Commissioner, Melanie La Rocca

On June 6, 2019,  Arcadia Electrical had the pleasure of shaking hands with new Department of Buildings (DOB) Commissioner, Melanie La Rocca  at the 116th BTEA Leadership Dinner,  the largest networking event in the construction industry.

“On behalf of Arcadia Electrical Company, we would like to congratulate  DOB Commissioner La Rocca on her new role and welcome her to the electrical construction community. As a family-owned and family-grown company, Arcadia understands the needs to the community and are thrilled to see someone in this role who places high value on constructions industry workers (their safety in particular) and the many communities that we brighten.” – Stephen Gianotti. President and CEO 

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Project Spotlight: Lighting Up the Brooklyn Sports Club

Arcadia Electrical has been busy lighting up the Brooklyn Sports Club just in time for the summer heat! The revitalization of key sections of the sports club required the technical expertise that only a reputable and experienced electrical company could provide. Since beginning the electrical installations, Arcadia has been heavily involved in the overall  grounding of the 25-meter indoor lap swimming pool as well as the swimming pool facility surroundings.

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A Message from Arcadia’s President - Quarter 2, 2019

Happy post-Fourth of July! We hope that you and your families had a happy Independence Day weekend. As we segue into summer 2019, the State of Arcadia Electrical Company is still booming. From cooling down, to lighting up New York, summer promises to be an exciting time for us. To that note, we are thrilled to share with you a variety of new projects that Arcadia Electrical is currently spearheading, as well as ongoing projects that are nearing completion. We hope that you enjoy this Quarter’s President’s Message!

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Electrical Advisory Board (EAB) Eliminated

NYC Buildings recently issued a Service Notice to the electrical construction community indicating that the Electrical Advisory Board (EAB) has been eliminated. With new amendments to the Electrical Code rules in place, new procedures will be effective as of Thursday, July 11, 2019 for reviews that were previously managed by the Electrical Advisory Board. To learn more about these changes, from the Electrical Installations Plan Review to Electrical Special Permission Requests, please click on the PDF link below.

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Project Spotlight: Arcadia Electrical Sets the Foundation for a Brighter and Greener Greenpoint Library

In the beginning of January 2019, Arcadia Electrical began an 18-month-long contract with the Brooklyn Public Library to provide electrical and power installations for the much anticipated, state-of-the-art Greenpoint Library and Environmental Educational Center located at (107 Norman Ave., Brooklyn, NY), as part of a multi-million dollar grant from the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund, NY State Education Department and Library and City capital funding.

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Arcadia Electrical Launches Phase 1 of installations for PS129

Arcadia Electrical is excited to report that Phase 1 of electrical installations at PS 129Q (College Point, Queens, NY) is currently underway. The goal of Phase 1 is the installation of a brand new 4,500 AMP electrical service, which requires the installation of many conduits, some of which pictured are the (4-inch electrical metallic tubing (EMT)) for the Chiller Plant on the roof along with additional power risers.

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President of Arcadia Electrical Steve Gianotti and NECA meet with Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez in the Nation’s Capital.

President of Arcadia Electrical Steve Gianotti attended a policy briefing at the White House on Monday, April 29th with National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)’s Government Affairs Committee. It was a productive day learning about the current administration’s views on the economy, infrastructure proposals and workforce development strategies. Steve introduced Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez and read her bio to the NECA Legislative Committee. Also in attendance were Representatives from Capitol Hill. NECA’s Government Affairs Committee appreciates when elected officials support the issues integral to the safety, success and future of electrical contractors. NECA has been a longtime resource for policymakers, offering insights from business leaders to help the administration gauge current and future policy decisions.

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Arcadia Electrical Hosts a Successful Semi-Annual Foreman's Meeting

This week, Arcadia Electrical hosted its semiannual Foreman's meeting in Queens to discuss key industry topics and challenges. The meeting covered the importance of safety, Local Law 196, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, current School Construction Authority (SCA) projects, and of course, our customers and how we can serve them better. Electrical foreman are senior-level electricians that manage and oversee planning and development of large electrical projects, and Arcadia Electrical's Foreman have among the best reputations in the New York City area. We are proud to come together to educate our team, keep one another informed of industry issues, and find solutions to enhance Arcadia's performance on each and every project.

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A Message from Arcadia’s President - Quarter 1, 2019

2019 is an exciting year for Arcadia Electrical as we celebrate 30 years of electrical business operations. We are honored to be one of New York state’s leading electrical contractors with over three decades on commercial, educational, retail and public projects in New York City and beyond.

The state of Arcadia Electrical is very busy and upbeat! Despite rigid timelines, our team is not only meeting them but also exceeding our clients’ expectations. With multiple active jobs secured, we are happy to report that we have increased our new hires by 20%, and, more importantly, we are still hiring! Of our various projects in place, we are proud to be providing installation services to several New York public schools and the Staten Island Mall’s expansion, which are further elaborated on in this quarter’s letter.

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Project Spotlight: Arcadia Electrical to Provide P.S. 303Q Students with a State-of-the-Art Educational Facility

In 2017, the School Construction Authority (SCA) created the P.S. 303 project, a $66 million project that includes an 82,000 square-foot addition and renovation of the existing school building in the Forest Hills section of Queens, New York. This project contains three phases: phase 1 consists of the construction of the new addition, phase 2 is a construction link to join the new addition to the existing building, and phase 3 includes the renovation of the existing building. The new educational facility will feature state-of the-art technology, two-story gymnasium, science rooms, library and special education rooms.

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Arcadia Electrical Partners with NYCHA to Restore the Gravesend Houses

It has been nearly six years since Superstorm Sandy hit the entire eastern seaboard on October 22, 2012 and the effects of this destructive storm can still be felt. The Gravesend Houses in Coney Island, Brooklyn were severely damaged during the storm, but thanks to a $164 million investment in federal funds, renovations are now underway. Arcadia Electrical has partnered with the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to provide all of the extensive and sophisticated electrical systems throughout the complex.

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A Message from Arcadia’s President - Quarter 4, 2018

The holiday season has arrived, and the new year is quickly approaching! As the seasons change, so does Arcadia Electrical’s approach to serving the needs of diverse markets. A major theme for Arcadia these past few months has been growth through diversification. Arcadia Electrical is committed to keeping up with industry changes and demands to deliver the highest quality of work. We believe an important component to successful business growth is taking opportunities that will diversify and broaden your portfolio and market space. This quarter’s message is all about what has helped us expand our operations and diversify our business opportunities.

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