Stephen Gianotti

The Quarterly State of Arcadia Electrical Company

Looking Back and Moving Forward
The new year brings about a sense of excitement while also allowing a moment for reflection. In 2019, Arcadia Electrical accomplished a series of impressive projects, showcasing the company’s true efficiency and talent. From safety trainings to launching new large-scale projects, Arcadia Electrical is ahead of the game in the beginning months of 2020. Current projects, both nearing completion and in the midst of development, are highlighted in this Quarter’s President’s Message. We hope that you enjoy!

Latest and Greatest:

Arcadia Electrical is ahead on deadlines concerning certification, especially for the Supervisor Site Safety Training Program (SST-Certification). Our foreman completed training ahead of the December deadline! By December 1, 2019, supervisors needed to complete 62 hours of training. Additionally, since October 14, 2019, general contractors are required to post safety information signs at construction sites where safety training is required.

Roosevelt Island Library Accessible Tech Installation
Arcadia Electrical is working hard to bring communities together, through making public infrastructure more inclusive. Roosevelt Island Library construction began in 2018 and is ongoing into the next several months, transforming a converted school building into an extension of the New York Public Library branch. The $7.8 million library is fully ADA accessible and features computer workstations, a reading area, a teen area, a children’s room and a multi-use community room for events.

Arcadia Electrical is also making the new library more attractive and inclusive by installing new Induction Loops, also known as audio-frequency induction loops or hearing loops,  for the hearing impaired. With the community’s best interest at heart always, AE is excited to expand its services while serving others.

Red Hook Houses
Arcadia Electrical Company, in collaboration with the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) under the Sandy Resiliency & Renewal Program, joined the Red Hook Houses Project to rebuild NYCHA’s largest development home to approximately 6,000 residents. This large-scale project is set to be completed in Quarter 4 of 2022, securing infrastructure vulnerable to potential future mass flooding.

In order to distribute heat and electricity more evenly amongst the Red Hook Houses, Arcadia Electrical will be a critical part of the installation of fourteen “utility pods.” Additionally, the project includes replacing the underground electrical wiring system throughout this massive complex, including, but not limited to the replacement of electrical conduits damaged by sea & flood water, installing backup power generators in newly constructed annexes above FEMA flood level to house new current transformer cabinets (including automatic transfer switches and new low voltage distribution rooms and transformers) and much more! Arcadia is proud to be securing New York’s resiliency towards future superstorms like Hurricane Sandy.

Gravesend Houses

Hurricane Sandy also tremendously affected the Gravesend Houses in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Gravesend’s coastal location led to especially devastating destruction, however, a $164 million investment in federal funds allowed for rapid renovation to take place. In partnership with the NYCHA, Arcadia Electrical provided extensive and sophisticated electrical systems throughout the complex.

Arcadia Electrical is currently in the process of working on restoring and upgrading all of the electrical services in each of the 15 buildings, including new switchgear panels, sub-panels, CT cabinets, meters, transformers, ATS switches, fire alarm system, apartment feeders, house equipment and emergency panels. The Arcadia Electrical team is also installing new interior and exterior LED lighting throughout, including all the roofs in each building as well as LED site pole lighting and new LED lighting in all crawl spaces, including power and controls to all the ejector pumps. The team is also enhancing the safety by installing CCTV surveillance cameras throughout the entire complex, including all roof tops and elevators. A new fire alarm system, a new boiler room plant with all HVAC controls monitored by state of the art BMS and a new “Generator House” with full emergency power back up capable of supporting all the buildings, is being installed as well.

Arcadia Electrical is proud to play a role in the restoration of the Gravesend Houses. Arcadia is excited to continue working on providing state-of-the-art electrical services to those affected by Superstorm Sandy. AE has a lot to look forward to this year and we hope that you join us on this journey. To learn more about our latest project updates or Arcadia Electrical in the news, check out our Industry Insider Project Spotlight on our website by visiting

Arcadia Electrical Brightens New York City Public Schools

Arcadia Electrical is proud to enter the new decade with a variety of elaborate and ongoing construction projects with the New York City School authorities. From numerous public schools across multiple boroughs to some of the City’s most reputable academic institutions, AE will play a critical role in the installation of state-of-the-art technologies. The goal, to create an environment that enhances learning and contributes to the success of every student! Stay tuned for more information in our Arcadia@Work series!

Arcadia Electrical Brightens New York City Public Schools
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Stephen Gianotti, President, Arcadia Electrical Company