Stephen Gianotti

A Message from Arcadia’s President – Quarter 4, 2018

Growth Through Diversification

The holiday season has arrived, and the new year is quickly approaching! As the seasons change, so does Arcadia Electrical’s approach to serving the needs of diverse markets. A major theme for Arcadia these past few months has been growth through diversification. Arcadia Electrical is committed to keeping up with industry changes and demands to deliver the highest quality of work. We believe an important component to successful business growth is taking opportunities that will diversify and broaden your portfolio and market space. This quarter’s message is all about what has helped us expand our operations and diversify our business opportunities.

Relationships Build Opportunities. One of Arcadia’s biggest strengths is our ability to build and maintain relationships. We find that our commitment to providing the highest quality of work that is delivered on-time and within budget translates into long-lasting partnerships that build opportunities. Our partnerships prompt collaboration and spark innovation. It is through our clients that we can enter new markets and expand our scope of services.

Taking a Retail Risk. Arcadia recently took part in the Staten Island Mall Expansion Project, Which aims to add 242,000 square feet of retail space to the nearly 1.3 million-square-foot site. We had the opportunity to provide installation services and finishing touches to new businesses and help them open their doors to customers. Some of the retailers we worked with were Ulta Beauty, Zara, Barnes and Noble and Tommy’s Tavern. Previously, our portfolio included a line of work that was typically limited to providing services in commercial, residential and public spaces. However, we recently took on the challenge of tackling the retail space. The retail market is extremely challenging and demanding. There are tighter deadlines, stricter timelines and a lot more added pressure to complete a project within budget and on time.

Enforcing Our Green Mission. Arcadia Electrical is keen on responding to the increasing demands of providing more energy efficient solutions. It’s part of our mission to deliver projects that satisfy the needs of our clients and our environment. As an industry leader in energy efficiency solutions, we are always looking into the future of energy efficiency. In the past few months, our team has been busy investing in the use of electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations. Electrical vehicles can reduce emissions and save you money. Our aim is to make EV charging stations accessible to commuters and encourage them to invest in an eco-friendlier mode of transportation. We are beginning with the metropolitan region and hope to expand nation-wide.

Keeping Up with Technology. Technology is always advancing, and it is our responsibility to keep up with the latest trends to better serve our clients. Staying informed and educated on technology trends allows us to provide better quality installations and services to our clients in the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector is committed to providing the best standard care for their patients. Arcadia contributes to that commitment by working with medical centers such as NY Presbyterian, North Shore LIJ University Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center to provide them with the newest technology that helps them run their facilities more efficiently.

Arcadia is showing no signs of stopping and I look forward to continuing our efforts to diversify and expand our scope of work in the new year. I hope you will continue growing with us!