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The Quarterly State of Arcadia Electrical Company

Falling into the Season of Change and Growth 2019
The summer heat has finally broken, and fall is now upon us. As the seasons begin to change, so is the state of Arcadia Electrical. We are happy to report that we continue to be in good spirits thanks to the great strides made by our various electrical teams on our various current projects. We are also excited to announce that we will be taking on several new projects in the upcoming months. Both projects, ongoing and new, will be highlighted in this Quarter’s President’s Message. We hope that you enjoy it!

Latest and Greatest:

Red Hook Houses
Arcadia Electrical is thrilled to announce that it has officially received it’s notice to proceed (NTP) to join in the efforts to improve the infrastructure and sustainability of the New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) largest development, Red Hook in Brooklyn, New York. The goal of the Red Hook Houses Project is to improve its sustainability by installing fourteen “utility pods” to better distribute heat and electricity. The project includes replacing the underground electrical wiring system, replacing electrical conduits damaged by water, installing backup power generators, constructing new annexes above FEMA flood level to house new current transformer cabinets (including automatic transfer switches and new low voltage distribution rooms and transformers) and much more. Stay tuned for more details in our next Quarterly Message!

Gravesend Houses
Arcadia spearheaded a variety of installation projects, including the installation of a variety of electrical services in all 15 of the Gravesend buildings. Installations included new switchgear panels, sub-panels, CT cabinets, meters, transformers, ATS switches, a new fire alarm system, apartment feeders, house equipment and emergency panels, including power and controls to all the ejector pumps. Additionally, the Arcadia team installed new interior and exterior LED lighting throughout, including all the roofs in each building as well as LED site pole lighting and new LED lighting in all the building crawl spaces.
One of the biggest components of this three-year restoration project has been the construction of a new “Generator House” with full emergency power back up that will support all the buildings in the event of any power loss that may occur in the future. This elevated, separate building is key to ensuring that the Gravesend Housing Complex is fully equipped to handle the effects of any power outage. New Con Edison Service to each building is being installed in HDPE conduit to avoid saltwater damage that may occur over the many years to come.

Greenpoint Public Library
As part of an 18-month-long contract with the Greenpoint Public Library and a multi-million-dollar grant from the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund, the New York State Education Department and Library and City Capital funding. Arcadia Electrical has been busy powering up the new 18,000 square state-of-the-art Greenpoint Library and Environmental Educational Center (107 Norman Ave., Brooklyn, NY). Electrical installations include a robust security and fire alarm system and an intricate Tele Data technology platform. LED lighting is also being placed throughout the building as well as a new Lutron Control Lighting system. Such green design features make the building more sustainable while exceeding LEED Green Building Certification requirements. Anticipated to be complete by December 2019.

Public School Contributions

PS 129Q- Phase 1

Arcadia Electrical is working hard at PS 129Q in College Point, Queens, NY to keep students cool while brightening up their classrooms. Phase 1, which began in June, entailed introducing a brand new 4,500 AMP electrical service, which included the installation of multiple conduits (4-inch electrical metallic tubing (EMT)) for the Chiller Plant on the school’s roof along with many additional power risers.

PS 303Q

Located at 108-55 69th Ave, Queens, NY, this educational facility has brought 484 new seats to the area and Arcadia Electrical was thrilled to be a part of the phase 1 construction of an 82,000 square ft. addition and renovation (valued at $66 million). PS 303Q opened its doors to students in September. Phase 2 Electrical work has commenced in the existing school and will be ongoing throughout the winter months.

PS 144Q

Located at 93-02 69th Ave., Forest Hills, NY, has expanded to 590 additional seats. Valued at $52.4 million Arcadia Electrical is responsible for adding a 60,000 Sq. Ft. (approximately) four-story addition, which allowed space for 26 new classrooms, a new entrance lobby, an outdoor play area, a new cafeteria, full-service kitchen, office space and a new medical suite. The new building is designed in accordance with NYC Green Schools guide and rating system, which specifies energy efficiency and environmental requirements. Construction began in June 2018 and the doors opened in September 2019. Phase 2 work has started in the existing school and it will continue throughout the winter months.

PS 66Q

Located at 85-11 102nd St. Richmond Hill, NY, was part of the six newly added new classrooms, additional bathrooms, cafeteria and a full-service kitchen, Arcadia provided electrical installations so that each room can use Smart boards, desk top computers, lap top computers, iPads, document cameras and state of the art educational software. Work began January 2018 and opened in September 2019. Phase 2 electrical work started in the existing School upgrading the entire PA system, including their fire alarm System.

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