Project Spotlight - Staten Island Zoo | Aquarium

When the Department of Design and Construction (DDC) secured the funding to replace the aging Aquarium at the Staten Island Zoo | Aquarium that had been constructed in 1986, Arcadia was selected for the job.

The project, which broke ground on August 21, 2017,  was different than many of Arcadia’s other projects. The scope of work included the installation of LED lighting, wired pumps for the four new fish tanks, equipment for chlorine and other chemicals, a full fire alarm system and theatrical lighting that forecast water flow onto the floor of the structure.

Arcadia ran a lean team of 4-6 people that worked expertly to complete the project while the rest of the zoo was open for business. It was Arcadia’s first job using stainless steel electrical conduit, which was specifically selected because of the salt water in the tanks.

The job was completed this past month in June of 2018 and the Aquarium is expected to open for the public this summer.