Stephen Gianotti

A Message from Arcadia’s President – Quarter 3, 2018

There is no question that summer is here and the temperatures are here to prove it! For many, the uptick on the thermometer is synonymous with higher electric bills. This quarter’s message is all about helping you understand the best practices for energy efficiency and how you can implement these tips into your life.

Become Aware of Your Energy Habits. This tip might seem obvious, but many people don’t realize how much energy they are actually using each day. Think about the last time you entered a room on a hot day in the summer. Chances are, you turned on both the light and the air conditioner. Oftentimes, the light from the windows is enough and choosing to only use the AC will help cut down on energy. Don’t forget to turn off the AC when you leave the room!

Small Fixes for a BIG difference. Arcadia is often called upon to help clients become more energy efficient or to ensure that new construction is meeting the highest levels of energy efficiency. One of the ways we do this is through the installment of LED light fixtures. Not only do they last significantly longer than other lighting options, but they also save tremendous money on electricity because of how efficiently they utilize energy. This easy fix is one that homeowners and renters can make as well – and it doesn’t require anything more than a trip to your local hardware store. Switching all of your current lighting to LED light bulbs is a fast and relatively easy way to save a tremendous amount of money on electricity.

Don’t Only Think About the Summer. Though the summer is a time that tends to have high electricity usage, there are things that can be done year-round to continue to become more energy efficient. Though it may be costly up front, it is absolutely critical for homeowners to make sure their homes are properly insulated. This helps retain cool temperatures in the summer and warm temperatures in the winter by ensuring that the AC or the heat – and your money – is not escaping through walls and windows.

Explore, Explore, Explore. Technology is ever-changing and energy efficient technology is no exception. Though solar power used to be significantly more expensive, it has become much more affordable as more people and developers continue to utilize this alternative source. Really make sure that you are taking advantage of new green products and technology.

I hope these tips have helped provide some insight and guidance on a few ways to go green this summer and beyond. Arcadia looks forward to continuing to help our clients do the same!