Marie Gianotti
Office Manager/Accounts Manager

StMarie Gianotti is both the Office Manager and Accounts Manager at Arcadia Electrical.  As Office Manager, Marie uses her love for a tightly run office and harmony to produce an environment that is efficient and fosters teamwork.   In her capacity as Accounts Manager, Marie acts as a liaison with vendors while helping to manage the company’s financial activity. Marie has spent over 20 years in the electrical industry in various administrative positions at Arcadia Electrical.  She began her employment with the company when there were just 10 employees and has seen it grow to over 120.  Before joining Arcadia in 1996, Marie was an Executive Assistant for Brooklyn Union Gas Company supporting the President and other executives for 15 years. Arcadia Electrical is located in the diverse neighborhood of Brooklyn that Marie grew up in and she is delighted to have come full circle.