Stephen Gianotti

A Message from Arcadia’s President – Quarter 2, 2018

We are one quarter in to 2018 and the year is off to a great start. For Arcadia, our team has continued to bid for and win a variety of new and exciting projects that will enable us to continue to grow and employ the latest state-of-the-industry technology and electrical engineering techniques on job sites throughout New York City.

Technology continues to be present within our industry and is a trend that will continue to be ever present as construction continues to evolve.  It will continue to open a wider array of possibilities for solutions for every type of electrical installation. It is our company’s mission to continue to seek out new technology and learn how to utilize it.

This carries over to how we run our business. One simple example that enables us to be more efficient with our budget and equipment is the utilization of tool tracking applications. By tracking who uses our tools and the condition they are in, we are better able to assess maintenance, upgrade and replacement needs. It helps our whole team run more efficiently.

Outside of Arcadia, I continue to work diligently to use my leadership roles with the Building Trades Employers’ Association, the Subcontractors Trade Association and the Empire State Subcontractor Association to stay on top of safety challenges facing the industry. Keeping the members of my team safe on job sites has always been one of my top principals and we are working hard to continue to make that the standard throughout New York City and New York State.

Through these leadership roles, we work hard to stay ahead of changes in the political landscape. We also lobby the importance of skilled workers and how utilizing union contractors creates additional safety protections for everyone and elicits the highest quality of work possible. Addressing legislative changes in real time as opposed to being surprised or caught off guard is critical to ensuring that key safety measures and union utilization maintains.

I look forward to continuing this work in 2018. I also look forward to Arcadia having more opportunities for diversification in terms of new and existing work, as well as additional staff for our team. We look forward to continuing to grow and keep the pace we have found. I am optimistic about Arcadia and what we have on the horizon.